The Best Hot Tub Booster Seat (No More Floating, Finally!)

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By Jennifer Rhodes · Updated

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Imagine sinking into your hot tub, ready to let the jets massage away your stress and tension.

Now, imagine that the jets just don't quite hit the right spot because they are designed for someone taller—or worse, being constantly jostled out of your comfortable spot and struggling to stay in place. That's not the relaxing soak you had in mind, is it?

But, have no fear! The solution to these all-too-common problems is here, and it's called a booster seat (or water seat, or even water brick, if you prefer). No, these aren't the kiddie seats you're imagining—they're are designed specifically with adult comfort in mind.

Even after two rounds of testing, the Star Splash Hot Tub Booster Seat remains our favorite hot tub booster seat.

With a spa booster seat, you'll stay anchored in the perfect spot, so you can fully enjoy that jet therapy without floating away.

You can read more about our testing process later in the article. But for now, let's get to the seats!

Best overall

Star Splash Hot Tub Booster Seat
Star Splash Hot Tub Booster Seat

A high-quality booster seat that's both well made and quick drying.

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What we loved

  • Stays in place: Thanks to the non-slip rubberized micro bottom, you won't find this sliding out from under you.
  • Structurally sound: Has six separate weighted sections, so it doesn't rely on marbles or pebbles or require you to add any extra weight; it's ready to go as is.
  • Quick drying: It doesn't hold water, so you don't have to worry about mold or mildew building up. That said, it also has a handy machine-washable cover so you can get rid of any external dirt easily.

What we didn't

  • Bright color: The most conspicuous of the seats we tried, it's pretty obvious when you have this in your tub. That's a small price to pay for all the benefits this seat offers though.

Best budget

Blue Wave Deluxe Spa Seat Cushion
Blue Wave Deluxe Spa Seat Cushion

The most durable hot tub booster seat you'll find for under $50.

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What we loved

  • Price point: Of the hot tub booster seats we considered worth recommending, this was the only one priced under $50.
  • Stays put: The seat is the heaviest of the ones we tried (9 lbs!) and made of a rubbery material all over, so it stayed in place perfectly throughout all the wriggling we could try in our test soaks.

What we didn't

  • Not as thick as described: It's supposed to be 5" tall, but the reality is more like 3" (this could be good for you if you just need a little boost, however).
  • Non-removable cover: This makes it less easy to clean than the other options.

Best lightweight

Kenley Hot Tub Booster Seat
Kenley Hot Tub Booster Seat

A lightweight seat that's easy to clean for a reasonable price.

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What we loved

  • Good buoyancy prevention: This seat has a 2-lbs weighted inner compartment, which means that although it's the lightest cushion we tested, it still stays down on its own.
  • Easy to clean: This booster seat has an easy-to-clean surface, thanks to its removable, machine-washable cover.
  • Reasonable price point: It fell in the middle of the price range among the seats we tested.

What we didn't

  • Can slip out of place: Unlike our top pick, this seat doesn't have any kind of non-slip underside, so it did shift around (especially problematic for kids who don't like to stay still).
  • Questionable quality: While we didn't have any issues with the one we tested, some other reviews do mention issues with the attached handle stitching coming loose.
  • Cheaper options exist: This wasn't outrageously priced by any stretch of the imagination, but our budget pick actually had a few advantages over this seat.

Most ergonomic

Idle Hippo Hot Tub Booster Seat with Powerful Non-Slip Suction Cups
Idle Hippo Hot Tub Booster Seat with Powerful Non-Slip Suction Cups

The ergonomic shape relieves tailbone pressure.

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What we loved

  • Stays in place: The suction cups hold the seat in place firmly, although removing it can be a bit tedious as each suction cup needs to be un-suctioned individually.
  • The perfect height: The seat provides enough height (without being too high) and is comfortable, sometimes to the point where I could forget I was even sitting on it!
  • Quick, convenient drying: The small loop on the side allows you to hang it on a hook, and it dries quickly.

What we didn't

  • Unique shape: Although I personally liked the molded shape of this seat, I could see it being a negative when you consider a wider range of body types. If you don't need ergonomic support or worry you might not fit the specific shape of this seat, I would go with a more simple shape.

Best as a gift

Weighted Hot Tub Booster Seat for Adults, Giftable Set + Accessories
Weighted Hot Tub Booster Seat for Adults, Giftable Set + Accessories

Carry case and extras would make this a great unique gift for a spa owner.

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What we loved

  • Handy extras: Comes with a carrying case, laundry bag, and metal hanging hook for drying. Personally, I don't find the carrying case necessary as I don't plan on traveling with the booster seat, but these do make a really nice giftable set.
  • Submergence is excellent: This seat stays submerged without the need for additional weight, which is a plus in my book.
  • Comfy cover: I find the cover to be soft and comfortable, and didn't find that it was scratchy at all.
  • Firmness and stability: The booster seat stays in place and is firm, which are both welcome!

What we didn't

  • Initial foaming: I did experience some foaming in the water, but rinsing it out a few times before use resolves this issue.
  • Excessive height: This booster seat is 4 inches high, which may be too high for some folks, including myself (I would have preferred it to be 3 inches but the height was perfect for my son).

How we picked

There are a number of factors that go into identifying what makes a good hot tub booster seat, not least of which is actual testing by people who need them (see: those have trouble with floating in hot tubs). So, we had a 5'1" woman and an 8-year-old try these out in a home spa, and report on how much each booster seat helped.

Beyond that, we also looked at the durability of each booster seat. You want to purchase something you know will last in the long run, and therefore any hot tub booster seat should be rugged and able to withstand extended underwater use.

We also considered the different price points for these products. While there wasn't a huge difference in any of the models we considered worth buying, we did our best to include options that even a customer on a budget could reasonably afford.


Why do I keep sliding forward when I sit in a hot tub?

You are most likely sliding forward in the hot tub due to the force of the jets pushing against your body. The water in the hot tub creates pressure and generates currents, which can make it difficult to stay in one place.

This is especially true for people who are lighter or smaller in size, as they are more susceptible to being pushed around by the jets. A booster seat can help mitigate this problem, by providing additional support and keeping you securely in place.

Why bother with a hot tub booster seat?

Aside from issues of floating for shorter people—particularly in deeper spas—booster seats can also provide extra padding.

If you find hot tub seats a bit hard or bucket-like, adding a cushion might be all you need to make your life a lot more comfortable.

How much does a hot tub booster seat weigh?

Hot tub booster seats come in two different designs: weighted and unweighted. Weighted booster seats typically weigh around 4-5 lbs, while unweighted versions weigh around 1 lb.

It's important to note that the weight of both types of seats will increase by a few pounds once they are saturated with water. They can even become a little difficult to lift out in some cases!

What about inflatable spa cushions?

The cheapest kind of spa cushion you can find is the 'inflatable' variety. These are actually meant to be filled with water by a hose for spa use, not air (otherwise they'd easily float out of place). They then have suction cups on the bottom to help them stay in place.

We considered including one of these in our testing, but their durability is questionable compared to the higher quality options out there.

If you are trying to save money though, one of these might be worth trying out if you don't mind keeping it filled with water.

Closing thoughts

Based on our testing, the right booster seat can definitely improve your spa experience. From making you more comfortable to helping you sit higher up to keeping you anchored in your seat, it's just one of those hot tub accessories with a whole range of different benefits. However, it's not the only solution.

If you struggle with staying put in your seat, be sure to check out our other tips to stop floating so you can enjoy your hot tub to the max.

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