5 Domes to Put Over Your Hot Tub for a Magical Backyard Vibe

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Are you looking to add a bit of magic to your backyard? Well look no further than a beautiful clear dome tent.

Not only can hot tub domes make your outdoor space look enchanting, but they'll also help keep your hot tub safe and comfortable while you relax and enjoy the benefits of your outdoor oasis.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at five of the best domes you can use to cover a hot tub, so you can create a fairytale backyard that you and your family will love.

CZGBRO Bubble Tent Dome

CZGBRO Bubble Tent Geodesic Dome, 12ft
CZGBRO Bubble Tent Geodesic Dome, 12ft
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This dome is perfect for creating a magical backyard getaway when placed over a hot tub. It's made of a transparent PVC material for uninterrupted views, and features a large zippered door and two windows for plenty of ventilation. The 12ft dome is spacious enough to fit a 6-7ft hot tub, making it great even for larger spas.

Its geodesic structure makes it stable and secure, providing shelter from the elements as you gaze up at the night sky. Plus, you can always accessorize with lights and other decorations to really make it your own.

On the downside, the clear dome isn't ideal for privacy (but that's not why you're looking for a dome, right?). Setting it up also requires multiple hands and can be time-consuming. While the fabric can handle some rain and snow, make sure to anchor it down properly so you're protected during storms or you risk damage to your dome.

VEVOR 9.5ft Garden Dome Bubble Tent

VEVOR 9.5ft Garden Dome Bubble Tent
VEVOR 9.5ft Garden Dome Bubble Tent
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At a smaller size (and much lower cost) than the CZGBRO, the VEVOR 9.5ft dome is perfect for anyone looking to add some extra luxury to their hot tub space. This bubble dome, though smaller, still has plenty of room, so you can easily turn it into hot tub dome if you have a smaller spa (inflatable would work just fine).

With its sturdy nylon frame and transparent TPU cover, it also provides plenty of protection from the elements and offers the same 540° view. Plus, the included sand bags will help keep the structure in place no matter the weather.

However, know that the structure is not intended to withstand extreme weather or strong winds, and can also require quite a bit of effort to assemble. You'll also need to be careful when putting it up, as any minor rip or tear can quickly become an issue.

MGEHWEVU Pop-Up Bubble Tent

Clear Tent Pop Up Bubble Tent, Weatherproof and Coldproof (12x12x8', 8 Panel)
Clear Tent Pop Up Bubble Tent, Weatherproof and Coldproof (12x12x8', 8 Panel)
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This pop-up bubble tent is the perfect solution for larger spas—or if you simply want more space to move around inside the dome when you're not in the spa.

Unlike the previous two domes, its automatic pop-up design allows you to set it up quickly, and its 12x12x8' frame provides plenty of space for a spa plus several people (why not add some seating for when you need to cool off?). The dome is also weather-proof and cold-proof, so it's great for outdoor hot tub sessions, even on rainy or chilly days.

The MGEHWEVU pop-up bubble tent is quite heavy and bulky when folded, so it can be difficult to lug around. And since its design involves 8 panels rather than a geodesic style like the two previous options, some may find that it doesn't provide the best aesthetic. Note also that it doesn't have step-free access—you have to step over a few inches of material to enter the door.

MioTsukus Bubble Outdoor Tent

MioTsukus Bubble Outdoor Tent, 10' x 10'
MioTsukus Bubble Outdoor Tent, 10' x 10'
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This is another more typically 'tent-shaped' clear dome. It's the most budget friendly on the list, and still perfect for creating an intimate and beautiful enclosure for your hot tub.

The 10 x 10 foot size is big enough to fit over most spas, making it ideal for use as a hot tub dome. The clear sides allow for plenty of light to stream in. The fabric is also waterproof, making it ideal for keeping you and your guests sheltered from the skies in any weather conditions.

On the negative side, this tent is not going to be as durable as some of the other options on the market. Additionally, the single-door design means you only have one way to exit and enter, and that means stepping over a few inches of fabric again.

The biggest flaw might be that this tent is completely lacking in ventilation—your only option is to leave the door rolled up. This is obviously not ideal, but there's nowhere else for the steam to go.

Alvantor Pop Up Bubble Tent

Alvantor Pop Up Bubble Tent - 12’ x 12’ Instant Igloo
Alvantor Pop Up Bubble Tent - 12’ x 12’ Instant Igloo
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As a final option, this Alvantor bubble tent provides a sturdy, durable dome design for a luxurious spa experience.

The 12’ x 12’ weather-proof pod makes it easy to accommodate most hot tubs. And with two windows at the top, you can easily control ventilation to release any steam. The clear PVC material offers views in every direction plus effective protection from the wind, rain, and other elements.

This tent is fairly fast and easy to set up, and also has two doors which is more than a lot of domes which only provide a single entry/exit. Another nice touch are the included internal hooks to hang robes or towels.

However, this tent also has a step-over door style, meaning it won't work for wheelchairs or those with limited mobility. In addition, some users report the sizing to be a little on the tight side, so you might not want to use this for large spas.

Why use a hot tub dome?

A hot tub dome can offer several advantages for those looking to enjoy their hot tub in any environment:

  • The main benefit of a hot tub dome is the 540° view—see all around plus above you—so you can watch the stars while you soak in the bubbles. This is something you don't get with other enclosures.
  • Hot tub domes of course still feature a weatherproof covering that helps protect the interior from rain, snow, wind, and other harsh weather conditions.
  • Additionally, the dome covering helps to provide a barrier from outside noise, helping to create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere for relaxation.
  • Many people love the magical aesthetic of a clear dome, making these a clear winner if you don't especially need privacy around your hot tub.

What to consider when choosing a hot tub dome

When choosing a dome to go over a hot tub, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Firstly, you'll want to think about the size of the dome, making sure that it's large enough to fit your hot tub and any additional accessories you may want to add.
  • Once the size is settled, you'll want to choose the style of the dome. The two main options are geodesic and tent-style. The former are more aesthetically pleasing but more complicated to put up and down.
  • Finally, think about ventilation. It's no use having a clear dome if you can't see anything through all the steam. Vents near the top are essential if you want to be able to retain the view.

Closing thoughts

Hot tub domes can provide you with a beautiful layer of protection and shelter for your hot tub. They are fairly easy to install for the most part, and will provide you will most of the same benefits as a tent or gazebo—in a much more attractive design.

What's more, they can easily be accessorized to match your style (think seating, side tables, fairy lights... the sky's the limit!).

Basically, investing in a hot tub dome is an excellent way to add an extra bit of magic to your hot tub time, no matter the weather.

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