The Best Corner Hot Tubs: 7 Models for All Budgets

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If you have a small backyard but still want to enjoy the benefits of a spa, consider getting a corner hot tub.

These spas are designed for two to three people and can fit into smaller spaces thanks to their unique triangle shape.

We looked at seven popular models from five different brands, with prices that range from $2,500 up to around $10,000. Whether you're looking for the best deal or the most luxurious experience possible, we've got you covered!

High-end corner hot tubs

In a high-end corner spa, you'll get better build quality, more features—and in one case, more seating.

Master Spas TS 240

The TS 240 is a sweet hot tub from Master Spas' popular Twilight Series that fits into a corner like a dream. This is actually a three-seater hot tub (the only one on this list!) that includes a cascading waterfall, lighting, and even a lounge seat.

It also features some jets that are not immersed in the water to reach the shoulder and neck areas and relieve tension. This is great news if you suffer from tight shoulders from sitting all day.

Included with all Twilight Series models is the Master Blaster® Foot Therapy function. Here you will get 28 individual jets for just your feet alone.

For the finishing touches, you can enjoy the ambience created by the Orion Light System that will make your soak that much more soothing, as well as visually interesting.

Nordic D'Amour SE

The Nordic D'Amour SE is the corner hot tub from Nordic's Sport Edition series. These tubs have the maximum jet pressure of all the Nordic series, so they're aimed at people who want powerful hydrotherapy.

The D'Amour SE is essentially their top-of-the-line Sport Edition corner spa, so you can expect a serious massage with this spa.

It includes a dual-therapy system with high volume whirlpool flow, while also targeting specific areas with direct pressure. This spa comes with their NLP™ Northern Light Package package as standard, which includes LED cup holders. These are a nice touch as they mean you can easily see where to set down your drink—even at night.

Nordic D'Amour MS

The Nordic D'Amour MS is another corner model, this time in Nordic's Modern Series. This series focuses on stylish and comfortable spas but without quite so much jet pressure as the Sport Edition.

The seats here are also deep bucket seats which will enable a relaxing whole-body massage. And you get the same dual-therapy system with hot water therapy and direct jet massage for a perfect all-around soak.

If you want the fancy lighting though, you'll have to add the Northern Light Package as an option with this spa.

Nordic D'Amour All-In 110 V

The Nordic D'Amour All-In-110V is a plug-and-play model in the same adorable heart shape. The All-In-110V Series hot tubs have the same standard features as the D'Amour SE and MS, but with the convenience of a 110V connection.

That means you also have the option to get the Northern Lighting Package which includes the LED cascade waterfall, sconce lighting, LED cupholders, and LED along the footwell.

This is a great way to get a more budget option, but still from a reputable brand.

Mid-range corner hot tubs

If you want a corner spa but don't need all the frills and extras of higher end models, we've got some good options for you as well. Here are a few of our favorites.

Hot Spring TX

The Hot Spring TX is a two-seater that offers enough comfort for the two of you. It comes with 11 jets and open seating, and the patented Moto-Massage jet system with adjustable precision jets that hit the right spot on any day.

There is a lovely feature you get with Hot Spring where the water moves up and down your back during the massage, that will make you want to sink into this tub after work and never leave again.

Caldera Aventine

The Caldera Aventine is another corner hot tub that can fit into almost any space. It's a two-seater tub with great hydromassage capabilities from a fairly well-respected brand.

One of the things you will love about this tub is that its two seats target different areas of the body. One of the seats offers lumbar massage to target your lower back. The other targets the neck, shoulders, and mid back. This seat also comes with wrist jets, which can be a very nice feature to have if you work at a desk for extended hours.

Budget-friendly corner hot tubs

Want a corner spa but don't want to spend a fortune? There are some really good options here as well if you look to the rotomolded category.

AquaRest Select 300

The AquaRest Select 300 is an ideal pick for a two-person hot tub. It comes with 20 stainless steel jets in total, and an LED backlit waterfall. This tub is great for a little cottage or small backyard, and provides the same instant getaway feel you want from any hot tub. The budget-friendly notes on this one do not take away from the experience.

The pretty waterfall has 9 settings that will light up your night whether you are finally enjoying some me-time, or sharing a romantic evening with someone special. And of course, this budget hot tub offers still offers hot water therapy for relaxation—just be aware the hydrotherapy in a rotomolded tub won't be as powerful as a higher end model.


Why buy a corner hot tub?

There are many advantages to corner hot tubs. They are a relaxing way to spend time alone or with a loved one, and offer the same therapeutic benefits as a full-sized hot tub—all while taking up a fraction of the space of a traditional spa.

A corner spa is a great way to maximize the space in your backyard (or even indoors) when you really want to soak up some stress relief and enjoy an at-home spa experience.

Corner models are also perfect for those with limited square footage as they can fit anywhere—even in an oddly-shaped corner!

How much do corner spas cost?

Corner hot tubs can be found in any price range, depending on features.

They start at around $2,500 for a basic rotomolded model, and they can go upwards of $10,000+ with all the bells and whistles. The higher-end models will have different pricing set by local dealers so this can vary depending on where you live.

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What are some problems with corner hot tubs?

One potential issue with corner spas is that you are limited to a small number of bathers—these are not party tubs.

This makes them great for romantic evenings with a partner, but if you are looking for a hot tub for group socializing or to enjoy with the whole family, you will want to look at full-sized models.

Another potential issue is the lack of seating options—most corner spas have only two seats so there's not really any variety to choose from. Many larger spas have different seats to offer a variety of heights or therapeutic benefits.

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