Hot Tubbing After Botox: Is It Safe?

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By Jennifer Rhodes · Updated

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If you just got Botox, you want to be sure to follow the care instructions that will help to minimize bruising, swelling, and other issues.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind after getting Botox is to avoid excessive heat during the first few days—so things like hot tubs and long, hot baths should be avoided.

Keep reading to learn why you should avoid the hot tub with fresh Botox, and of course when it is safe to take a relaxing dip.

When is it safe to go in a hot tub after Botox?

You should skip the hot tub in the first 24-48 hours after your Botox appointment.

While it's probably not going to cause serious harm, the heat from the hot tub and potential exposure to bacteria can make you more prone to bruising or infection at the injection site.

Once your Botox is fully settled in (within 1-2 days), you can go in the hot tub to your heart's content.

Can I work out after Botox?

Most injectors will recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before working out after your Botox appointment.

Just like using a hot tub, exercise will bring blood flow to your face, which will create pressure in those blood vessels. This can cause swelling, bruising, and other issues.

Try to work out the morning before your Botox appointment, and then plan to take a rest day while your Botox is settling in. You can resume your regular exercise routine the following day.

What else should you avoid right after Botox?

Botox is a pretty low-maintenance beauty service, but there are specific instructions that you should adhere to on the first day after your injection.

Here are a few important things to avoid after Botox to help keep swelling, bruising, and pressure to a minimum:

Avoid heat

Because heat can increase your risk of bruising after Botox, it's best to avoid anything like a sauna, steam room, sunbathing, and working out.

These things bring more blood flow to the surface of your skin and can make you bruise and increase blood flow and pressure in your face.

Sleep on your back

If you are normally a stomach or side sleeper, try your best to sleep on your back for at least the first night after your Botox injection.

The pressure of laying on your face can cause irritation or cause the Botox to settle into areas other than where it was injected, creating an undesirable result.

Don't rub your face

Although they may be too tiny to see, Botox injections do leave behind tiny holes in your face from the injection site.

These holes are open wounds and can easily pick up bacteria or other debris from your hands (or hot tubs!) if you touch your face after your treatment.

Wash your hands often and avoid touching your face as much as you can in the first 24 hours to keep the risk of infection low.

Skip the alcohol

Alcohol can cause the blood vessels on your face to dilate, which can interfere with your Botox results. For this reason, it's best to avoid alcohol for about 24 hours after your injection.

Try not to schedule your Botox appointment right before a big night out or party so you won't be tempted to imbibe.

Final thoughts

As tempting as it is to recover with a nice long soak, you should resist the urge to hop in the hot tub after your Botox appointment.

Exposing your face to any excess heat and/or moisture in the first 24 hours after injection can cause unwanted bruising, swelling, and pressure. Once the first day has come and gone, you can go in the hot tub as much as you'd like with your wrinkle-free forehead!

By following these simple guidelines, you can make sure your Botox treatment lasts as long as possible and gives you the desired results.

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