Hot Tub Getting Power but Not Working? 5 Things to Check

Jennifer Rhodes

By Jennifer Rhodes · Updated

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There's nothing worse than getting ready for a relaxing dip in the hot tub only to find that it isn't working. When you know that it is getting power but still won't work, rest assured there are some things you can check and most likely fix yourself in a few simple steps.

Whether it's the jets that aren't working or your hot tub is feeling more like a cold tub, don't get frustrated or worry about expensive hot tub repair bills just yet.

Here are the top 5 things to check when your hot tub isn't working despite being hooked up to power.

1. Check jets for blockage

It's easy for small items or debris to get caught in the jets, especially if your hot tub is outside. Leaves, sticks, bugs, and more can make their way into the hot tub and potentially get lodged inside one of the jets.

If you notice that the jets aren't turning on no matter what you do, check all of the jets for foreign items as well as any buildup. You should be able to remove anything you find and get back to enjoying your hot tub in no time.

2. Notice the water level

Sometimes if the water level is too low in your hot tub, it can prevent the heater from doing its job properly. If you notice that your hot tub is not warm or can't hold a consistent temperature, take a look at the water level.

You might have a slow leak somewhere in the hot tub, or the water may have evaporated if your cover isn't sealing properly. Make sure to top off the water to get it back up (especially if it's below the top jets), and monitor it every so often to maintain optimal water level.

3. Clean or replace the filter

When you notice that your hot tub isn't working despite being plugged in, take a look at the filter.

Hot tub filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly. If you can't remember the last time you changed the filter, it could be blocking the circulation of water around the spa, possibly contributing to your temperature or jets malfunctioning.

4. Check the circulation system

When you're certain that the jets, filter, and water level are not the problem, another common culprit of hot tub power issues can be found in the circulation system.

Circulation issues due to airlocks are common in hot tubs, especially if you just recently replaced the water.

Check the lines going to and from the hot tub for air pockets. If you find any, you should bleed the lines to remove the air and then reattach all the lines so things can flow smoothly again.

5. Look for an error code

Sometimes your hot tub will tell you what's wrong. No, hot tubs can't talk, but the control panel screen can.

If your hot tub is having a more significant issue than the ones listed above, often it will display an error code on the control panel screen.

Hot tub error codes are not always universal, so it's important to check what you see on the screen in the owner's manual to be sure of what it means. Some errors are more serious than others and may mean you need to unplug and/or drain your hot tub until you can have it fixed.

These error codes will give you an idea of what part of your hot tub is malfunctioning, or at least narrow it down. Most of the time you will need to have a hot tub service technician fix these types of issues, but at least it gives you the information you need so that they can bring the proper parts and tools to do the repair.

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