How to Make a Bubble Bath With LOTS of Bubbles

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How to Make a Bubble Bath With LOTS of Bubbles

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There's nothing like relaxing in a big tub full of soapy bubbles to relax and feel luxurious when you need to unwind. And if like me, you love taking a bubble bath after a long day, you'll be pleased to know there are a few fun ways to make your bubble bath extra bubbly!

Bubble baths are also fun for the whole family. Young children love taking bubble baths with larger-than-life bubbles too. It can make nightly bathtime a fun experience to mix things up and do a bubble bath every so often.

Of course, not all bubble baths are created equal. So if you want the best and bubbliest experience, here are my top tips on how to get the absolute maximum amount of bubbles possible each time.

How do you make sure your bubble bath has lots of bubbles?

Pour bubbles directly under the running faucet

One of the easiest ways to maximize the number of bubbles in your bubble bath has to do with how you pour the bubble bath into the water. Believe it or not, this step matters quite a bit when you are trying to enjoy a super bubbly bath.

Rather than just pouring the bubble bath into a full tub of water, make sure you pour the bubbles directly under the running faucet while your bathtub is filling.

If you do this, the pressure of the water from the faucet reacts with the bubble bath and makes more bubbles and larger bubbles. By the time the tub is full of water, you will have a nice layer of fluffy bubbles sitting on top ready to enjoy.

Add bubbles to your tub slowly

When you pour the bubbles into your bathtub, take your time. Add a small capful at a time or pour directly from the bottle, but make sure you pour slowly into the stream of water.

The slower you go the more the bubble bath has a chance to activate and turn into bubbles. You may even use less bubble bath this way because you can see how many bubbles you have as you go and only add when you need it.

If halfway through your bath you notice that your bubbles are starting to disappear, this is normal. What you can do is add a little more water from the faucet and pour another capful of bubbles in. This will release fresh new bubbles (and warm up your water) so you can continue to enjoy your bubble bath.

Choose the right bubble bath

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that not all bubble baths are created equal. Some bubble baths are known for creating thick, fluffy, luxurious bubbles, whereas others create just a few stray bubbles here and there.

If you're looking for LOTS of bubbles, do your research beforehand. You might need to try out a few different brands before finding the one that you like best.

In general, look for bubble baths with simple ingredients (all you REALLY need is soap and water). Some extra bubbly bubble baths also have glycerin, which helps bubbles last a big longer.

One of my personal favorites right now is this one by Zoey Naturals:

Zoey Naturals - Soothing Lavender Bubbly Bubble Bath
Zoey Naturals - Soothing Lavender Bubbly Bubble Bath
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Not only is it super bubbly, but the lavender scent is gorgeous and it's also made with natural ingredients so should not irritate your skin—even with those extra long soaks.

Use a jetted tub

If you really want to create the ultimate bubble bath experience, taking a bubble bath in a jetted tub is a great way to maximize the number of bubbles in your bath. Make sure that the bubble bath you choose is safe for your jetted tub (most are, but check the label first).

You can pour the bubbles under the running faucet the same way you would in a regular tub. By turning on the jets, you can add some extra agitation to the water which will cause the bubble bath to continue to react with the water and make more bubbles.

What is the ingredient that makes bubble baths extra bubbly?

Bubble bath liquid is bubbly thanks to ingredients called surfactants. It's a bit of a chemistry lesson to understand what a surfactant does, but it is a pretty simple process.

Surfactant is short for "surface active agent". What that means is that when it is added to a liquid (like water), it creates activity and reduces surface tension.

In the case of a bubble bath, the surfactant is the soap and the activity is the creation of the bubbles. When you pour the bubble bath (made with soap) into the water, it reacts with the water when it hits the surface and creates the bubbles you know and love.

Can you make bubble bath at home for lots of bubbles?

Making a homemade bubble bath is very easy. You can make a bubble bath from just a few ingredients and enjoy fluffy, luxurious bubbles right away.

One of the great things about making a homemade bubble bath is you know exactly what is going into it. If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any ingredients that are common in skincare and body products, you can make a simple bubble bath that doesn't irritate your skin.

There are countless articles and YouTube videos that can teach you how to make a simple bubble bath at home. Chances are you already have many of the ingredients. You can customize it however you want with scented essential oils to make it smell like a spa right in your bathroom as well.

Can you use shower gel as bubble bath?

Shower gel and bubble bath typically contain most, if not all, of the same ingredients. If you are out of bubble bath or if you love your particular shower gel, you can definitely reach for the shower gel as a replacement.

With most standard shower gels, you should be able to get the same amount of bubbles that you would expect with a traditional bubble bath.

The only time you would not want to use a shower gel or body wash as a bubble bath is if you are using castile soap or tear-free baby body wash. Both of these types of shower gels have slightly different ingredients than a regular body wash and would not create any bubbles.

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