6 Romantic Shower Ideas to Spice Up Your Date Night

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6 Romantic Shower Ideas to Spice Up Your Date Night

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Spending time together in the shower is an excellent way to cap off a date night. So why not go the extra mile and make it as passionate and fun as possible? To help, here are some ideas for making your shower together even more steamy.

1. Get bubbly

Who said that bubbles were only for the bath?

Getting some suds going is an excellent way to add slippery fun to shower time. Plus, it doesn't get much more intimate than you and your special someone softly lathering each other.

You can also use the bubbles to cover yourself up if you want to tease your partner. Or, use them to create fun shapes and share some laughs.

For the best bubble experience, use a large sponge or loofah. That way, it's easier to create a sud-filled foam.

And avoid getting too much soap on your partner's face. The last thing you want to do is hamper the mood with teary eyes.

2. Set ambiance with candlelight

Nothing says romance quite like candlelight.

Lighting some near your shower will give it a soft, warm glow. It's much more aesthetically appealing and relaxing than the harsh incandescent lights in most bathrooms.

Even better, many candles come with pleasant aromas. So why not surprise your partner with some of their favorite scents?

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Since you can't put candles directly in the shower, you may need to get creative. So try clearing off your sink beforehand to make room. Or add a stool or end table if necessary.

You could also consider using waterproof flameless candles instead for safety:

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That way, you don't even have to worry about forgetting to put them out due to (ahem) other activities.

3. Play music for the mood

The right music will take your date night shower to the next level. And if you mix in some sensual candlelight, you can't get much more passionate.

So when picking out some tunes, think about your partner.

If you have a favorite band in common, you can sway to their songs together in the hot steam. Or, you can play the first track you danced together to for some cute nostalgia.

But don't worry if you're at a loss—you can find plenty of romance-themed playlists available on music apps and online. These are helpful if your playlists have a little too much variety. After all, your workout tunes might not exactly exude passion.

4. Craft some delicious refreshments

The words "romantic" and "dehydrated" don't exactly go together. But unfortunately, dehydration can ruin a passionate shower easily if you're not careful.

So to prevent that, make some exciting and delicious beverages!

When in doubt, some mixed fruit juices are the way to go. Since most are 85% water or more, they'll definitely keep you hydrated. Plus, the sweet tastes are generally pleasant if you share a kiss after drinking some.

To add some flair, put a little umbrella in the drink. Or even add vibrant, edible flower petals.

However, you want to avoid mixing any alcohol since it's naturally dehydrating. If you're already low on liquids, it will make you feel even more light-headed and nauseous.

5. Plan a grand entrance

When it comes to planning a romantic evening, presentation is key. As a result, take some time to make the entrance to your shower as alluring as possible.

For example, consider laying out a path of rose petals leading to the bathroom. Building up some anticipation can do wonders for setting the mood.

Another idea is to burn some fragrant incense. In addition to spreading a wonderful aroma, incense sticks can help enhance your bathroom's ambiance.

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Also, ensure that the bathroom is clean and tidy before your special night. Otherwise, loose clumps of hair and trash can definitely take away from the mood!

6. Give massages to each other

You undoubtedly want to get as close to your partner as possible during your romantic shower. And to that end, nothing beats a long, loving massage.

While your partner is in front of you, softly work their neck and shoulders. Also, don't be afraid to ask them where they want you to massage them. Letting them choose can add passion and excitement to your time together.

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To give more sensation to your touch, consider using a little bit of diluted essential oil. The aroma won't be as strong in the shower. However, it can still make your partner's skin feel very refreshed.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a way to set the mood, get in the Valentine’s Day spirit, or just want to have some fun with your partner, these shower ideas are sure to please.

By taking the time to set the mood and prepare some delicious refreshments, you can create an intimate setting that is perfect for enjoying each other’s company. So why not give one of these ideas a try tonight?

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