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Hot Tub Installation

Questions to Answer Before You Install a Hot Tub

Getting a new spa is an exciting experience for the whole family. But be sure you know what your options are first; there are a lot of things to consider before going ahead with such a large purchase:

  • What type of spa do you want? Traditional acrylic spas are most people's first choice, but quality models are also expensive. There are other types made with different materials, like rotomolded or wooden hot tubs. Each offer slightly different benefits, so it's worth doing your research.
  • Where are you going to install your hot tub? It's important to make sure you have a suitable spot in mind. You'll need a completely level area with a solid base, somewhere that's easily accessible from your home in all seasons.
  • What size and shape spa is best for you? If you're just going to be using your spa as a couple, you can get away with a smaller size than if it's going to be a party tub. But you'll also need to decide between a classic round or more modern square shape.