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What to Do When Something Is Wrong with Your Hot Tub

If you aren't comfortable diagnosing problems with your spa, calling a professional is almost always the right choice.

However, here are some common areas to check to give you some idea what kind of issue you might be looking at, or help you describe the problem when you do call for help:

Spa Troubleshooting Guide


The pump is responsible for circulating the water around your spa. Telltale signs your pump is malfunctioning are:

  • No sound is coming from the pump when the spa is on
  • Pump is making noise but water isn't flowing out of the jets
  • Puddles of water around the pump (this can mean a seal has failed)


The heater is responsible for keeping the water warm. You might need to repair or replace it if:

  • Your spa water is failing to heat and/or maintain temperature
  • You can see burnt or brown areas on the heater (this suggests it overheated)


The shell is the part of the spa you sit in. Usually made of acrylic, or sometimes fiberglass, it's susceptible to cracks.

Your cabinet is the wood or plastic part of the spa responsible for holding the shell (plus the weight of the water and any bathers).

Here's how to diagnose issues with these structural parts of your hot tub:

  • Visible surface cracks in the shell, or evidence of leaks
  • Dropping water levels
  • If you have a wood cabinet, damp or rotting wood

You might be able to repair minor cracks in the shell yourself with sealant.


If all your jets seem weak, or are not working at all, that's likely an issue with your pump. But if you notice any of these things from individual jets, that could be a sign they need replacing:

  • Lower water pressure than other jets
  • Inconsistent flow, or turning on and off randomly