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In-Ground Spa Installation

3 Benefits of In-Ground Spas

Whether you're looking for an aesthetic that really blends in with its surroundings, or want the ultimate in customization, in-ground spas can give you all of that and more:

  • Materials: You can build an in-ground spa with natural stone or concrete, tiles for a mosaic effect, or vinyl or acrylic, similar to what you might find in a portable spa.
  • Features: Choose exactly what kind of lighting you want, and where you want it placed. Integrated waterfall? Not a problem. You can even add hidden built-in speakers for music while you soak.
  • Location: Flexibility on where you place the spa is one of the greatest benefits of going in-ground. Even if you have a strangely shaped or hard-to-reach spot in your yard, you can almost always get an in-ground spa designed to fit there.

That said, due to their custom design and increased labor costs, in-ground spas do tend to run more expensive than portable ones.