Should Your Bathroom Faucets Match Your Light Fixtures?

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Should Your Bathroom Faucets Match Your Light Fixtures?

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Designing a new bathroom is fun—whether you are updating your existing bathroom or designing it as part of a brand new home. But what are the rules when it comes to picking the fixtures and fittings? Do lights and faucets have to match?

You can absolutely get creative when pairing bathroom faucets and light fixtures. Gone are the rules that everything has to match exactly (unless you want to!). Mix and match is the new trend that's here to stay!

Just bear in mind that while you certainly can mix up different materials and color schemes when it comes to your bathroom faucets and light fixtures, it's important to make sure it all flows together in one cohesive plan so you don't end up with a nasty style clash.

This article will go over how to create a coordinated look without having to match exactly.

How do I choose coordinating bathroom faucets and light fixtures?

Coordinate by style without matching

If you're looking to add a unified feel to your bathroom, consider picking your faucets and light fixtures in a similar style. While you don't need to match them exactly, choosing styles that complement each other can help to create a cohesive look.

For example, if you have a chrome faucet, pair it with a chrome light fixture of a different shape. Or, if you have a more traditional style faucet, choose a fixture with similar detailing.

Paying attention to the finish and shape of your fixtures will also help to create a coordinated look. For instance, pairing round fixtures with soft curves will give your bathroom a more relaxed feel, while choosing fixtures with clean lines will provide a more modern look.

This modern bathroom uses different materials but similar shapes throughout to create cohesion:

Modern bathroom with complementary fixtures

Create contrast

One of the biggest ways to make your new bathroom look interesting and updated is to bring contrast to the finishes and color schemes you use.

Don't be afraid to play with color. For example, if you chose a vanity that has black hardware, consider a light fixture that ties in the black hardware but go with a pop of color like gold for the faucets. The black and gold will complement each other without matching exactly.

Match if you want to

If the look of contrasting bathroom faucets and light fixtures doesn't look good to you, you don't have to do it. You make the rules when you're designing the bathroom of your dreams.

There are plenty of people who prefer the look of a solid, coordinated bathroom design look where all metals match. If your style is very traditional or you are using bright colors on the vanity or the walls, you might want to keep it simple and understated with all matching hardware.

The matching gold fixtures in this bathroom create a very elegant look:

Bathroom with matching gold fixtures

Get design help

Not everyone has a flair for design or enjoys things like choosing bathroom faucets. It takes a certain personality to really enjoy the fine details, but thankfully there are people to help with that if you don't have that trait.

If you are changing out your light fixtures and faucets yourself, there is usually someone on staff at your local home improvement store who can help you pick out fixtures that meet your design goals.

You could also hire a professional designer if you are doing a larger-scale bathroom renovation and have the budget to spend—but that isn't necessary to get a Pinterest-worthy bathroom.

Should bathroom faucets match my vanity hardware?

You can do almost anything design-wise with a bathroom renovation. There are no rules and you can really let your creativity reign.

If you want to do mixed metals on every piece in your bathroom for an edgy, unique look, that's your prerogative. However, most designers will say that it's recommended to match the metal you choose for the faucet to the metal on the hardware you are using on the vanity.

Matching hardware on the vanity and faucet creates a tied-together look and makes the overall bathroom design look purposeful and clean.

What is the most versatile metal for bathroom fixtures?

Despite the rise of trendy new colors like black, gold, and bronze fixtures and faucets, you can never go wrong with standard chrome or silver fixtures.

Chrome is a classic look that goes with almost every design style and holds up well. Many people choose chrome for rental properties or homes they plan to flip or sell because it looks great with everything and isn't a passing fad that may go out of style in a few years.

Final thoughts

There's no rule in interior design to say that different bathroom fixtures should match. So, don't be afraid to experiment with complementary bathroom faucets and light fixtures instead.

The best way to make sure all the elements of your bathroom will look good together is to create an overall vision or style you are trying to achieve. Make sure each piece reflects that style so everything ties together. You may be surprised at how great the final result looks!

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