Can You Use Bath Salts in a Jetted Tub?

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Bath salts can make bathtime more enjoyable, and even help relieve minor aches and pains. It's a great way to capitalize on the warm water and gentle relaxation to really make it a therapeutic experience. But what about if you have a jetted tub?

You can use bath salts in your jetted tub to increase relaxation and create a spa-like environment. It's important to use the right kind of bath salts to make sure you don't harm your tub, but generally, it's perfectly safe to use them whenever you wish.

Just make sure you check the label on your bath salts before pouring them into your jetted tub, as there are specific ones you want to avoid using to prevent damage to your tub. More on that in a second.

What kind of bath salts should I use in a jetted tub?

Most bath salts are fine to use in your jetted tub. Because salt is natural, it shouldn't harm your jetted tub when used in reasonable amounts.

Here are a few things to look for on the label to make sure you are using the right kind:

Use the right type of salt

The best types of salts to use in your jetted tub are Epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, and dead sea salt. These salts are usually pretty pure in the formulation and should not cause an issue with jetted tubs.

These types of salt also are packed with important minerals and have numerous health benefits including relieving muscle aches and pains, calming anxiety, and more.

Skip the oils

Check the label on your bath salts for any oils before pouring them into your jetted tub. Any bath salts that contain oils should not be used.

Carrier oils like olive oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil more are thick and greasy and can wreak havoc on your jetted tub.

You may be able to use bath salts that are scented with essential oils as they alone should not damage jetted tubs, but often essential oils are paired with a carrier oil to make it a stable product. For this reason, it's best to avoid these as well unless you know it was made without a carrier oil.

Oils of any kind can damage the components of your tub by causing a buildup of grease in the jets or other parts of the system. A buildup of oil can clog the jets, and eventually damage the pumps.

Avoid fragrance and other additives

Another thing to look for in bath salt ingredients before using them in your jetted tub is things like synthetic fragrance, dyes, or other additives.

These ingredients could cause damage to a jetted tub by causing build-up similar to oils. They can create a film inside the pipes or even on the surface of your tub, which could build up over time and cause problems.

Do they make bath salts just for jetted tubs?

You can purchase bath salts that are made specifically for jetted tubs. Many sellers on Etsy and in specialty shops make products that are made of specific salts and simple ingredients to be safe to use in a jetted tub. You can also find them on Amazon:

Epsom Salts for Soaking (4 Pack) Bath Salts 4 Ounce Sample Pack- Natural Dead Sea Salts Infused with Vitamins and Minerals
Epsom Salts for Soaking (4 Pack) Bath Salts 4 Ounce Sample Pack- Natural Dead Sea Salts Infused with Vitamins and Minerals
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To find out if bath salts are made for a jetted tub, check the label or description. If it says it's suitable for hot tubs or whirlpool baths, you're good to go. If you're shopping in person, consider asking the shop whether they are formulated for that specific use.

Will bath salts damage my jetted tub?

Using bath salts in your jetted tub should not damage your tub as long as you take care to use the right kind of salts and clean your tub regularly.

To avoid damage, consider using just pure Epsom salts, Himalayan pink salt, or dead sea salt in your tub. If you'd like to use one that has a subtle fragrance or other ingredients, make sure you check the label for carrier oils, chemical fragrances, and dyes that could damage your jetted tub.

Can I use bubble bath in my jetted tub?

There is no feeling more luxurious than a nice bubble bath. You might think that adding bubbles to a jetted tub might add to the experience, but unfortunately, bubble bath is not made for jetted tubs and can actually cause quite a bit of damage if you're not careful.

When you put bubble bath in your jetted tub, the soapy water will run through the entire jet system and can cause a film to build or even clog your pipes. This can be a costly problem to fix.

Bubble bath was designed to create bubbles in a regular bathtub with completely still water.

If you put it in a jetted tub, you might also end up with far more bubbles than you were looking for. This increases the risk of your tub overflowing with soapy bubbles, which can cause quite a mess—and possibly even damage to your bathroom or home.

Are bath bombs safe for jetted tubs?

If you enjoy a relaxing soak in your jetted tub, you may have considered using a bath bomb to add a little extra luxury to your experience. However, before you drop one of these fizzy balls into your tub, it's important to know that they are not safe for use in jetted tubs.

Bath bombs often contain a variety of additives like oils, glitter, petals, or even confetti. When these ingredients come into contact with the jets in your tub, they can clog the piping and cause serious damage.

For these reasons, it's best to avoid using bath bombs in jetted tubs unless they are 'spa-safe' which means they are specifically designed for use in this type of tub:

InSPAration SpaBomb 6pk Gift Box
InSPAration SpaBomb 6pk Gift Box
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With a little careful planning, you can still enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable soaking experience without putting your jetted tub at risk.

For more jetted tub bath product ideas, check out my other post: Bubble Bath Bliss: The Best Bath Products for Jetted Tubs

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